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Realtime Contingency

NICRA Village: Ganakdalani village, Lakhlmpur District, Assam

Rainfall Situation and Type of Contingency (Flash floods) :  During 2012,  the flash floods occurred for  a period of 32 days viz., 23rd June to 1st July (9days), 12th -19th September(8 days), 21st -28th September(8 days) and 2nd -8th October (7 days) during 2012 and 36 days during 2013 i.e. 18-27th July,(10 days), 7-13 August(7days), 14-20 August (7days) and 28 August – 8th September (12 days). The rice crop experienced to intermittent flash floods for 4 times during the season

Contingency Plan/Best bet Practice Implemented (Flood tolerant rice varieties) : As a contingency measure in the start of the season,  flood tolerant rice varieties viz., Jalashree, Jalkunwari were introduced.     Introduction of submergence tolerant varieties of rice viz. Jalashree and draining of excess water from field which resulted in better Sali rice (Fig ).

Performance: All other varieties of rice including Jalkunwari were affected but Jalashree performed better. With Jalashree, the grain yield of 900 kg /ha and net returns of Rs.11, 400/ha were obtained while the local varieties failed. Though the yield of Jalshree was very low (as compared to normal year), still there was 100 % benefit to the farmers compared to local varieties.

Table.  Performance of submergence tolerant variety of rice CV.  Jalashree during flash floods

Improved Variety



Grain yield


Increase in yield (kg/ha)

Net returns








Jalkunwari, Ranjit,  Laodubi, Monohar Sali

No yield

No yield

No yield


After receding flash floods in October


2012-10-01 16

2012-09-27 16

Performance of Jalashree

Performance of  Local rice variety

Contingency Plan/Best bet Practice Implemented: During 2012, flood tolerant staggered rice varieties Gitesh and Profulla were introduced for late transplantation condition these two varieties can be transplanted even at 65-75days seedling stage after reducing flood

Performance: Performance of rice was better than the popular variety Ranjit under delayed transplanting conditions due to flash floods received in mid and low land conditions of Assam.

Performance of rice varieties Gitesh and Profulla with staggered planting ability (65-70 days old seedling) after recession of  flood


Contingency Plan Implemented (Kneeing ability Bao rice):

Floods:  Introduction of Bao rice which has kneeing ability under flood conditions. As flood water level increases this variety develops another knee to avoid rice panicles from water inundation. Thus, this Bao rice cultivar adjunct its height according flood water level and makes its panicle above  water level.  This resulted in safe harvest and improved grain quality.



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